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The Department of Social Medicine and Health of the SBUM School of Medicine seeks to work towards health promotion.


The Department of Social Medicine and Health of the SBUMS School of Medicine is an academic complex with the following functions:

Educational Aspects:

  1. Trainees and medical workers aiming to training family physicians for referral purposes;
  2. Empowering social medicine assistants in order to prevent problems and promote a just health among society and communities;
  3. Promoting professional potentials of the academic staff of the department to fulfill its tasks; 

Research Aspects:

Guiding and performing research priorities based on preventive needs and promoting health of the society and communities with assistants, medical students, personnel, academic staff, and other organizations

Services Aspects:

  1. Health Promotion and Taking Preventive Measures (at outpatient, and inpatient levels through prevention centers and health promotion centers);
  2. Management (providing consultations in research management and health promotion methodologies; policy-making consultations at all national, provincial, and community levels, constant education to those graduated and other related groups at SBMU ), providing administrative management consultations at ministerial and university levels; 

This system has always tried to render its services via the latest technologies in education, and management, and it has always tried to promote intrasectoral client satisfaction (students, assistants, academic staff, and the personnel) and the outside clients (managers and policy-makers in SBMU and at national and provincial levels).


 The department of Social Medicine and Health seeks to pursue its mission in the next five years as follows:

  1. In the field of education, it tries to achieve the highest educational management indexes among students, and assistants at the national level, and provide the highest ranks of those graduated be hired in the fields of social medicine;
  2. In the field of research, it tries to initiate and/or provide consultations in population health and tries to operationalize them in order to become the best department at SBMU ;
  3. In the field of rendering services, we try to be the most powerful consultative arm in prevention and health promotion at national, provincial, and community levels;

With achieving such successes, the department may be able to be an outstanding collaborative arm for WHO at the regional level bearing in mind the Iran’s 20-year Development Strategic Plan.

The Values Governing the Department:

The effective teamwork and critical thinking, suitable behavior with the personnel, client courtesy and satisfaction, prioritized research goals, participatory managerial system, promoting health for sustainable development, commitment to equitable health promotion in society, defending the right of well-being for all, following the national priorities, believing in prevention, constant interaction with the society and policy-makers in order to draw attention towards health promotion, having critical and scientific outlook towards issues, being up-to-date scientifically, moving towards team learning, advocacy towards public goals instead of individual profits, and following ethical medical values are all among the many goals we try to achieve.  

Research Lines

The research lines and interests of the Department of Social Medicine of the SBUMS School of Medicine are as follows:

  1. Lifestyle (physical Activity, nutrition, stress, and smoking);
  2. Disease Prevention and qualitative and quantitative health promotion;
  3. Drug abuse, methamphetamines, tobacco;
  4. Public recognition, identification, awareness, attitude, and function towards diseases and health risk factors;
  5. Risk factors in health, disorders, injuries, and the health determinants social factors;
  6. Patients’ and their families’ quality of life in cancers and chronic diseases;
  7. Timely diagnosis, screening, and prevention of chronic diseases and cancers;
  8. Rehabilitation, traditional medicine, and alternative medicine in chronic diseases, accidents and cancers;
  9. Health system (management, priorities, and evaluation of educational, treatment, and health fields);
  10. Treatment and health services (rendering, utilization, efficiency, satisfaction, socioeconomic aspects);
  11. Research priorities, development, and rehabilitation of clinical researches;
  12. Intersectoral collaborations, public participation, health needs, and public empowerment;
  13. Patients’ rights, satisfaction, and safety;
  14. Disease burden and disease care systems;
  15. Social training, individuals and patients at risk;
  16. Mother care (family planning, abortion, and unwanted pregnancies);
  17. Medical education and research and in-service training empowerment;
  18. Usage and agents in not using the current knowledge in health promotion   


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