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The Department of Microbiology had been an integrated part of the Immunology and Parasitology Departments of the then called “Melli University” (the so called “National University”); but in 1970 the Department of Parasitology, and in 1991, the Department of Immunology were separated from the Department of Microbiology. Since 1986, the Department has been admitting students at MSC level, and until 1999 the Specialized Assistants were being admitted; and afterwards students at PhD Level in Microbiology were admitted. The Department of Microbiology includes two sections; a student lab section which is located at the 1st Floor of the Block C of the SBMU  School of Medicine, and the Department Chairman Office and Research Lab located at the 8th Floor of Block C of the SBMU School of Medicine.


Lab Facilities & Machinery:

The facilities available at the lab include the cell and bacteria culture media and maintenance, a bacteriology hood, CO2 incubator, 20 light microscopes, an invert microscope, an immune-fluorescence microscope, an spectro-photometer centrifuge, sensitive scales, animal room and cages, distilled water tools, autoclave, two -70° freezers, a nitrogen tank, two PCRs, and three hoods. 

The Educational Section:

The educational section of the lab includes the general bacteriology lab, a preparation room, a rinsing and sterilization room, and a store room for lab materials and tools.

The Research section:

  The research section of the lab includes the bacteriology lab, the virology lab, and the molecular lab.

The Machinery:

   The tools available at the lab include a refrigerating centrifuge, a distilled water producing tool, Class II laminar Hood, a light microscope, an invert microscope, a counter-set with a facility for filming, a CO2 incubator, PCR and electrophoresis machinery, a -20° C refrigerator-freezer, a  -70° freezer, a nitrogen tank, an oven, a sensitive scale, and a pH meter tool.

The Library:

 The library of the Department, with more than 140 books and textbooks in English and about 200 books and textbooks in Persian, as well as 12 scientific journals in microbiology, infectious diseases, virology, immunology, medicine, biology, physiology, etc. and also the internet and automated facilities is rendering its services to the academic staff and graduate students.

The Research Lines: 

The Department of Microbiology of the SBMU School of Medicine research lines are as follows:

  1. Diagnostic methods, including culture, serology, and molecular biology research methods in diagnosing bacteria, viruses, and chlamydia;
  2. Sensitivity and features of diagnostic methods;
  3. Antibiotic resistances;
  4. Opportunistic infections;
  5. Extracting proteins and toxins from bacteria;
  6. Microorganisms and malignancies;
  7. The antibacterial impacts of essences, and herbal plants in humans and animals;
  8. Constructing diagnostic kits


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