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The Department of Anatomy of the SBMU  School of Medicine had been formed by the integration of the departments of biology and anatomical sciences and has been offering macroscopic courses (since the establishment of the SBMU School of Medicine) to PhD General Students of Medicine, Dentistry, and their related fields.  The Department has also trained and educated assistant students in anatomy; and has then begun to train MSC and PhD Students in Anatomical Science along with numerous research projects. The department had been offering anatomy at macroscopic level, but since 1985, it has been offering microscopic anatomical (histology) courses, as well as courses in embryology which had been previously offered by the Department of Pathology of the SBMU School of Medicine. The department has been active in macroscopic, microscopic (histology), and embryology.

In 2007, upon the needs and requirements of the time, the department chair offered to change the name of the department to “Department of Biology & Anatomical Sciences”, and following admitting academic staff in biology and neurosciences, and since then it has been operating as a multi-potent department. The department is now admitting MSC and PhD students in Anatomical Science (Cell Biology, Neuroscience, Reproductive Biology, and Tissue Engineering). 


1)The Anatomy Halls including

A-Cadaver storage and fixation room:

In this room, after the cadaver is delivered, it is first taken to the storage room, and following preparation of the fixative materials, the cadaver is fixed on the fixing table using fixation pump.

2- There are two gross anatomy theatres for use of the students of medicine, dentistry, MSCs of anatomy, and other students studying in medical fields;

3- There is a gross anatomy theatre which is used by the PhD students and for research purposes;

 B- The Model and Bone Room:

This is a saloon like location with shelves for keeping various human body models including organs, and bones. There are also some natural human bones, and some artificial ones for use of all students.

C- The Practical Histology Classroom:

In the classroom which is available for practical histological studies with a student capacity of 30, there are 20 student microscopes, a video-microscope, and a microscope for use by the academic staff; the services are being rendered to PhD General Students of Medicine, Dentistry, and MSCs in Anatomical Sciences.

D- The Tissue Preparation Lab:

 In this lab, different tissue sections are being cast and dyed, and various histological-chemical techniques are used to study the tissues.

E- The Electron Light Microscope Lab:

 The Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) is used for studying the ultra-structure of biological samples; therefore, the cell and intra-cellular organ studies may be possible with a magnification rate ranging from 150 to 250000.

The SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) is used to study the sample surface, whether biological or not; its magnification ranges from 5 to 250000; and it is equipped with an analyzing system capable of determining the quantity of mineral and organic substances in each sample. The lab is also equipped with the side machinery for preparing samples for both the TEM and SEM microscopes.

There is also a darkroom with all facilities for photography purposes of the photos taken by the microscopes. 

Research Lines:

The Research lines and priorities of the Department of Anatomical Sciences of the SBMU School of Medicine include the following:

  1. Anthropometry;
  2. Tissue healing;
  3. Neuroscience;
  4. Fertility in both in vivo and in vitro conditions;
  5. Natural & unnatural tissue molecular and cellular studies;
  6. Stem cells and their roles in healing damaged tissues



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