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The Department of Biotechnology of the SBMU  School of Medicine has been established in 2007 at the SBMU School of Medicine. This has been in line with the approval of the High Council of Educational Planning and Evaluation at the Ministry of Health, Treatment, and Medical Education about the department in 2009.

There are currently 4 full-time academic staff training 15 PhD students. The Department is located at the SBMU Cell and Molecular Biology Research Center. The Department also offers courses to students of PhD General in Medicine, and graduate students of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and Medicinal Nano-Technology, as well as the PhD students of Molecular Medicine.

The Research Lines:

The research lines of the Department of Biotechnology of the SBMU School of Medicine may be briefed as follows:

  1. Insulin gene therapy;
  2. Factor 8 gene therapies;
  3. Constructing hydatid cyst diagnostic kits;
  4. Constructing Chlamydia trachomatis diagnostic kits;
  5. Constructing Toxoplasma gondii diagnostic kits;
  6. Factor 8 recombinant proteins


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